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Wingdings are a series of dingbat fonts which render letters as a variety of symbols. They were originally developed in 1990 by Microsoft by combining glyphs from Lucida Icons, Arrows, and Stars. … fauna57 October 13, 2011 at 11:04:33. Specs: Windows XP. Insert, Symbol, Font = Webdings, towards the bottom of the choices, next to the old fashioned telephone symbol. Of course, you can get an image from the internet or something like . May 25, 2014 . Ways to type telephone symbols, it's unicode entities and more.. We could see them in our cellphone buttons, telephone boxes, advertising. Windows. "Arial", "Times New Roman", "Webdings") installed on your computer.I think Sujeevan Kumar Agir has given a good answer, but for alternatives, these links should. . Scroll down to 'Webdings' and select your symbol. Once it is . Feb 5, 2008 . The document lists the symbols from each font in the collection at an arbitrary code range in private use space, in order of. . with Windows and the Mac OS for several years now. E000. .. E158 Ю CELLULAR PHONE.Oct 31, 2011 . When you need an icon or symbol, like a lightning bolt or checkmark, trainer Matthew Trump, showing how to create icons from the Wingdings font.. I'm making a keyboard shortcut list for a software training manual and . Microsoft's Wingdings character set, with mapping to equivalent Unicode names and. Black touchtone telephone, Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs.Jun 11, 2009 . Microsoft's Wingdings 2 character set, with mapping to equivalent. U+1F57E, White touchtone telephone, Miscellaneous Symbols and . Nov 12, 2015 . The most common method is to use either the "Wingdings 2" font or the " Webdings" font. This can easily be found from the drop-down menu . Wingdings Fonts A Guide to Using those Mysterious Fonts found on most new Windows® Computers. Key, Wing, Wing2, Wing3, Key, Wing, Wing2, Wing3, Key  .

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