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This for the new Titan soul, the guide is all about tanking. It's might be bigger than what I normally do, however tank requires so much more . Please make your selection below for which classes stat weights/best in slot list you're looking for: Warrior - Tank - DPS - Healer. Rogue - Tank - DPS - Healer . Dream Orbs are Stat enchants like Runes, but stacks with them that Dream Weavers can create. They go into the Helmet, Neck, Shoulders and Cape slots and . In this guide, you'll find simple tanking strategies for the Nighthold raid in Legion.. When the boss starts casting Power Overwhelming, click on a Temporal Rift ( bubble. .Ring[edit | edit source]. Rune, Bonus. Achyati Rune of Minor Dexterity, Dexterity + 9/Endurance +5. Achyati Rune of Minor Intelligence . An additional tanking ring for mages has been added to the RIFT Store for both Credits and in-game currency, along with an associated upgrade path for level .
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