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If you have time, consider making your own postcard: you can use an online. Unless you send them often, one postcard stamp bought a while ago, may not be  . allows you to easily buy postcard postage.. Large postcards can measure up to 6 ⅛” high, 11 ½” long and ¼” thick, but they cost as much. Business postcards generally have an image or call to action on the front, with space on . Current USPS postage rates, 2014 US postal stamp prices.. Postcard, $0.34. With all you need to do is weigh your mail piece and choose your . Do i need to put a stamp on my postcard if it has a barcode where the. . The only time you do not need to send postage is when the card or . Typically, the stamp is placed in the top right corner of the postcard. Senders should always. How much postage do you put on a postcard? A: As of May 2014, . … in the United States. For larger postcards, the rate is 49 cents, and for.. How do you know how much postage you need?. When were 10-cent stamps used?Over the years, commemorative stamps have been produced in many sizes and. . You can view images of U.S. postage stamps, as well as online stamp . I've sent postcards from New York City to Germany several times before and it cost US$1.15.. You can check using USPS Postage Price Calculator just to make sure.. How much postage do I need to put on a postcard from the United Kingdom to the. How many postage stamps to send a postcard from the US to the UK?You can click here to view more information regarding USPS First Class Mail. Will my custom wood postcards have the standard address lines and stamp . Yes, but you'll be paying 49 cents (currently) for something that really costs only 35 cents. You'll have to weigh the personal cost of going to the post office to get .

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